Playing with other musicians has many positive aspects. One is certainly the friendship that comes from sharing a common passion. Playing with others means at the same time questioning yourself and trying to understand your own limits and those of others. Moreover, the experience you live is intense and if there is a feeling you can play “by heart”. The band can be a simple duo, trio, a quartet, etc.. In a band there is also a need for a leader. The latter, however, must adapt to the needs of the group and must not invade the role of others. The purpose of this guide is to give advice on how to meet the members of a band at a concert.

A useful enough tip to get in touch with your favorite band is to follow the concerts. It is preferable, especially if the band is not very well known. You can attract attention and be recognized by always dressing the same way. Generally, you should go to concerts well before the start of the show. You should stay in the area even when the concert is over. In fact, some bands stop a bit with their fans at the end of the show. Other times you can meet the musicians as they arrive at the venue if they decide to play often in that area.

Many record companies rely on other companies for the promotion and organization of events. You can therefore also choose to make leaflets or work on the assembly of the stage. In this way you have more opportunity to meet people close to the band. In this case you have the opportunity to enter the small world that revolves around the musicians in question. The knowledge of these people can be a great opportunity to get the much coveted pass for the blackstage. You can then fulfill your wish: finally meet the members of the group.

Sometimes it is better to keep an eye on the fan sites to check out the offers of the VIP packages. In fact, in addition to the ticket for the concert, the latter includes privileged places and in some cases a gift or an autographed gadget. In addition, sometimes give the opportunity to access rehearsals, blackstage or a meeting with the band. This is especially the case with quite famous bands. Generally in this case the ticket costs much more than the normal one. On the other hand, you can easily meet your favorite band. In case of meeting with the band it is advisable not to have an aggressive behavior.

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