Generally, not all people are aware that in singing there are conventions related to scenic art. That is, the relationship between vocal technique and body movement. One of the problems for the singer is to relate to the audience in front of him. To make the situation more complex is added the tension of anxiety for the performance. During a performance you don’t have to have a rigid muscular coordination. Finally, you don’t have to make the mistake of being only attentive to the positive qualities of the sound. Reading this short guide you can get some useful tips and correct information on how you can manage the emotion in singing.


Emotion and cognition are a quite fascinating combination for those who want to convey a message. Sometimes it is not easy to realize that there is a lack of awareness of one’s own communication. Other times it happens that anxiety prevents you from letting out what you want to offer your audience. To leave all this behind, it is advisable to merge both the vocal technique and the mind. In this way you have the opportunity to increase your awareness. At the same time, you learn to manage emotions such as people’s judgment and fear.


Singing must be fun. If a person has fun using their own voice, others will almost certainly want to do the same thing. During an exhibition you have to be quite relaxed. You are not waging a war; at that moment you just try to convey your emotions. Even if your performance is negative, don’t let it get you down. You should understand that all the pressure you feel comes from within. Therefore, one must relax in order to be able to take good satisfactions. It is preferable to imagine being alone and being carried away by the music.


The organization is also important. It is advisable to calibrate the amount of commitments to be made for a given period of time. When accepting commitments, you need to have time not only to rehearse and perform in public. You should also have some free time to rest and relax. If you are working with other people by chance, it is best to inform your colleagues of your needs. At the same time, you should rely on people who meet the established organizational deadlines. Being left in limbo with important information can cause anxiety.

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