Among the many dreams of young people there is undoubtedly the music, specifically the dream of one day becoming a singer of great success, and to perform in the most famous locations such as palaces and, why not, to perform in front of entire stadiums. One of the most common methods is to present yourself at a music competition. As a preventative, success is not guaranteed by just showing up at one or more of these competitions. So how to participate in a music competition? Let’s try together to see step by step what needs to be done.

Always remember self-criticism

The first step to take in order to consider oneself an artist capable of great things is to recognize one’s own limits and not to feel already “arrived”: a good dose of self-criticism does nothing but make us aware of ourselves, of what we have to work on and to guarantee us, in case of success, to know how to adapt ourselves to the new musical “fashions” and to the new emerging styles. In other words, self-criticism will allow us to work on ourselves in order to find in us the direction to follow.

Knowing why I want to sing

One question you should ask yourselves is: “Who do you want to be in the music scene?”. Or, it could be seen in this way too: “Why should someone buy your record?” It may seem strange to you, but nowadays living on music needs you to be able to sell your “product”, because at the end of the day it’s about music, and being able to answer the two previous questions is very important. Trivial answers in this case will never convince anyone, so knowing how to explain in a convincing and captivating way, and above all original, will guarantee you a good chance to realize your dream.

Knowing how to interpret

This, too, may seem trivial, but it’s not trivial at all. Knowing how to interpret is very important in order to bring our message to the listener in an effective way. In this regard, it is good to train to sing songs of others, the so-called “covers”. Although underestimated in past years, covers allow you to express the emotion or mood of another person, and I can assure you that identifying with another individual and being able to express the same pathos is not something for everyone. Once you have acquired this mastery, then you can get to compose your own pieces, with a meaning, and especially be able to transmit the latter to the public.

Taking care of the details

When you’re finally in the competition, the attention to detail is also an element not to be overlooked, starting from the look with which you present yourself. Look for a detail that at first glance can distinguish you from the mass, for example. Even the choice of the song should not be taken lightly: a good song is the one that best represents you, that highlights your writing skills and your vocal skills. Another detail is the facial expressions. In the weeks before your competition, try your song over and over again in front of the mirror, observing every single facial expression and movement you make. One thing to avoid, for example, is to stay with your eyes closed as it limits your ability to transmit emotions.

Never forget:

Be sure of yourself and what you do, this alone is worth all the advice mentioned above

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