The guitar is an instrument that belongs to the category of chordophones. It consists of six strings of different thicknesses. These produce sounds of different heights and chords of different tonalities. To these is added the neck where there are the keys (usually 19) that indicate precisely where to press or shorten the string to get a given sound. There are also various types of guitar such as classical and electric. The latter belongs to the electrophones and is suitable for playing particular musical genres such as blues. This is a kind of black-american song from the United States. Mostly built from a three-way form of twelve bars, but without excluding other patterns. Of course, to be able to play this music you need to choose the right guitar. Taking into consideration the various models on the market. Then evaluate the characteristics and the sound. In the following guide I will explain how to choose a guitar for the blues.


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Blueshawk Deluxe

The Blueshawk Deluxe is a guitar that you can choose to play the blues. It is a complex instrument, but complete with dummy coil and structured with VariTone. The neck is made of mahogany superimposed by a special AA grade veneer. The fingerboard is made of rosewood. Underneath it is the dummy coil, an element combined with the pick up that reduces background noise. The guitar has a precise unbalance designed to control the VariTone. The VariTones can be removed using the push true bypass.

Fender Stratocaster American Standard

The Fender Stratocaster American standard is an electric guitar perfect for playing blues. It is also suitable for music genres such as funk. The sound is perfect, flexible and brilliant. The guitar has no sound box and produces original sound effects. It is a very smooth instrument and has a maple keyboard. The sound produced comes close to the bridge’s telecaster. While its intermediates with adapted magnets are excellent. This guitar is great for those who want to start playing blues.

Gibson Les Paul standard

Another way to choose a guitar for the blues is to buy a standard Gibson Les Paul. This is an instrument that has the same value as the Fender Stratocaster. The neck can be either mahogany or maple oriented towards the body, which is quite thin. The neck is glued into the body of the guitar using the set-in technique. The fingerboard is made of rosewood or maple. Here’s how to choose a guitar for the blues.

Never forget:

If you are starting out it is convenient to choose a guitar with a lower cost

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