Among the passions that a large number of Italians have in common is certainly singing. Everyone has their favourite type and it all depends on their physical characteristics. For example, those who have a slim body could have more opportunities to succeed in pop or jazz singing, while individuals with a strong constitution can try their luck in rock or opera. With regard to the latter genre of music, it is possible to undertake a professional activity as an operator, music teacher or chorister. In this tutorial we will briefly see how to be part of a lyrical choir. By following the path described below, the chances of success will be quite high. All I can do is wish you a good reading!

Studying opera singing

People who wish to enter a lyrical choir must of course follow a certain course of in-depth study. Improvising oneself as a lyric singer is quite impossible, because one must have technique and voice. Technical skills can only be learned by studying for many years with very professional teachers. The optimal vocal setting is acquired when the right intonation and a good sense of rhythm are found. However, there are other fundamental requirements for entering a lyrical choir (e.g. love for this genre of music, a great spirit of initiative and study as soon as you reach the age of majority).


After attending the lyrical course, it is absolutely necessary to enter the conservatory. Within this music school it is possible to undertake an institutional course of 5 years or a university course of 3 + 2 years. In the first case you have the opportunity to follow other schools and are addressed many subjects (such as events in the field of music, dramatic literature, solfeggio and scenic art). After five years, the conservatory issues a diploma with which you can do the higher two years or the internship with a teacher of your choice. When you undertake the 3 + 2 with a high school degree, you can not attend any other university course. The subjects to be covered in this case are more than the institutional course and for each one you have to pass an exam. After finishing the 3 + 2, a degree is obtained but does not give the right of precedence in auditions or music competitions.

Participating in public or private auditions

The in-depth study of opera singing is essential to have an optimal vocal technique and setting, but it does not automatically guarantee success. You have to be assisted by luck, because there are so many students of opera singing and therefore job opportunities are scarce. A first characteristic of an opera singer is that he is able to read the music immediately. This is because opera concerts are often performed with a few days of preparation available. The training of the ear towards opera music will have to take place above all by attending as many paid auditions as possible, which have maximum age limits. The advice is not to dwell exclusively on well-paid opera choirs, but also on smaller ones that provide a reduced income. During auditions it is generally necessary to perform an opera aria and a piece of choral repertoire music, as well as read one immediately. Here is how to be part of a lyrical choir.

Never forget:

  • Make many years of study of opera singing.
  • Participate in all known auditions.

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