In the eighties many music groups were formed. Among the most beloved of this period are Europe. This group is a hard&heavy band formed in 1982 and active until today. During their musical career they have recorded many albums. These albums have been very successful and are still being bought today, as it is a pleasant and rhythmic music genre. In fact the lyrics and the music of the songs are interesting and valid. In the following list I indicate the 5 must-see records of Europe.


Europe is one of Europe’s must-see albums. This work was released in 1983 and contains nine tracks. It’s a nice, energetic and at the same time gritty album. Each track is characterized by good and valuable lyrics and music. In the playlist we find: In the future forwell, Seven doors hotel, the King will return, Boyazont, children of this time, Words of wisdom, Paradise Bay and Memories. This album represents the debut of Europe and is still confirmed today as one of the best.

Wings of tomorrow

Wings of tomorrow is an album recorded in 1983 and released in 1984. The production contains ten tracks: Stormwind, Scream of Anger, Open your heart, Treated bad again, Aphasia, Wings of tomorrow, Wasted time, Lyn’ Eyes, Dreamer, Dance the night, Away. It is Europe’s main album and has a great melodic impact.

The final countdown

The final countdown is an album released in 1986 by the Epic label. The album contains ten tracks and is considered one of the most appreciated and important of Europe’s discography. Among the most beloved songs we find the famous: The final countdown.

Out of this world

Out of this world is a Europe album released in 1988. This work, once released, was very well received by the audience following the group. In fact, thanks to record sales, it was classified as a platinum record. In the album we find twelve tracks: Superstitious, Let the Good Times Rock, Open Your Heart, More Than Meets the Eye, Coast to Coast, Ready or not, Sigh of the times, Just the Beginning, Never say die, Lights and shadows, Towers Callin, Tomorrow.

War of Kings

War of Kings is another must-see album by Europeans. The album is a hard rock genre released in March 2015. This album contains eleven tracks: Whar of Kings, Hole in my Pocket, Second day, Praise you, Nothin’ to Ya, California 405, Days of Rock’n Roll, Children of the mind, Rainbow Bridge, Angels and Light it up. There is also a track from the Japanese edition: Vasten un genere strumentale.

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